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Ringing it In, Magic Style

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2012 is winding down, and everyone is getting ready to ring it in with the ones they love… Scott and I are trying to remember what we did last year, and Oliver is currently sleeping through the festivities. Something tells me he’ll be awake to watch the ball drop for the first time – he’s not one to miss a meal. He’s currently napping on my chest and snoring little baby snores. Every so often he gets this big smile – we’ve been trying to guess what he’s dreaming about. Maybe today’s play date with his friend Madeline?

I’m daydreaming about 2013 and relishing how great today’s yoga class felt – it was a resolution last year to pick up the pace and really find my edge in class. I’m really proud of my progress, even spending most of the year pregnant. I finally mastered crow (the belly actually helped – like a ballast!), learned how to find rest in downward dog, and found the beauty of a perfect hovering push-up. Today I nailed a headstand and felt all-powerful – at least over my body. Gorgeous end to the year, left me feeling joyful and expansive and patient and optimistic.

Our little family is celebrating quietly tonight. Scott made delicious homemade soup on this rainy night, and we just watched a sweet romantic movie (The Vow with Rachael McAdams); now we’re watching the Times Square festivities on mute while we listen to our wedding playlist and reminisce about the year. What a great, life-changing, dramatic year it’s been! No one can say 2012 wasn’t memorable. And our best memory will be welcoming this perfect baby – this year will always be his to us.

Happy New Year to you & yours. May 2013 make you as happy as 2012 made us.

What a difference a year makes:








New Years Resolutions

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I got a great book for Christmas from my sweet husband, Gretchen Rubin’s new Happier at Home. Her “Happiness Project” blog was what inspired me to start this blog in 2007, and a chapter in the book sort of struck home. She paraphrases Voltaire about “not letting perfect be enemy of done” – in other words, letting good enough be good enough.

I run a content marketing business. I teach people to blog for a living. and it made me self-conscious. I’m afraid this little blog has languished because I’ve learned too much about what a blog should be. It now takes me hours to post as I resize pictures or look up references or try and summarize months in a single post. For example, right now I’m itching to 1. Pull out my laptop so I can type faster (I’m tapping this out on my phone, with a sweet dreaming baby sprawled on my chest); 2. Dig up the photo I took with Gretchen at Blogher; 3. Read my first blog posts all over again and reminisce; and 3. Put an image of the book cover and an Amazon link in the post. By the time I did all that I’d have been interrupted a half-dozen times and probably never post anything.

So. New Year’s Resolutions 2013: Get over myself. Let “good enough” reign. Stop letting Facebook sub in for actual writing. Blog more. Capture memories and ideas more often. Heaven knows my memory isn’t going up to the job these days!