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Monthly Archives: October 2012

36 Weeks Down…

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It’s been an awesome whirlwind for the last few weeks! The big news has been that my beautiful sister and her husband just announced that they’re expecting a baby, too! We’re so super-thrilled for them, and excited that our little guy will have a cousin only 5 months younger… They’re due mid-April 2013, and we’re so excited to be Aunt Jenny & Uncle Scott! (That’s their cute announcement photo in the middle).

We also made it to 36 weeks/ 8 months pregnant, which means that Baby Magic is considered “full term “and would likely be healthy and just fine if he comes any time now. But we’re hoping he stays put until his due date of November 3rd! October has turned into a busy month and we need all the time we can get…

In the last few weeks we’ve had not one but THREE beautiful baby showers to celebrate our little guy – one in my hometown, hosted by my awesome sister (check out the gorgeous blanket my grandma made in the photo), another Pinterest-worthy party in Austin with my local girlfriends, (hosted by Tahra Dickey & Jessica Phillips, easily the most stylish pair of sisters I’ve ever met), and a generous celebration at Olive & June with all Scott’s work colleagues from Hsu Office of Architecture. Between our showers and the amazing hand-me-downs from our friends with boys (THANK YOU!) our little guy is headed into this world spoiled already!

The first week of September I flew out to deliver a talk at Content Marketing World in Columbus, OH, which was exciting and exhausting and so worth it… Speaking at a national conference has been on my bucket list for a while and it was fantastic to get that opportunity and have it go so well. I met tons of new colleagues and contacts and business has taken off since then. I’m also spending 2-3 days a week in office with one of my web development partners to help get a new project launched (because, you know, I needed something else to do!). It’s the first time in years that I’ve had to get dressed and “show up” for work – definitely different , especially 8 months pregnant.

October 3rd was our second wedding anniversary; we reminisced over wedding photos we haven’t looked at in ages and called our dear friend Julian who did us the honor of officiating our wedding. And then last night we celebrated with a delicious pizza & my favorite dessert (mmm, ricotta cheesecake!) at The Backspace and snapped this cool photo outside the Mexic-Arte Museum.

I still get to yoga at least once a week (love the Bump Club prenatal yoga at Lululemon!) and this last month has been all about baby classes! We’ve finished  infant CPR, Breastfeeding, Baby Care Basics, Prepared Childbirth, and we still have two “meet the pediatrician” events and a Baby Sleep class to go. We’ll have spent 25 hours in baby classes when we’re done next week! At least we have some clue what we’re getting in to…

What else this last few weeks…  Scott did a 180 mile bike ride from Seattle to Vancouver (w0w!) and I’ve also hosted a couple more Magic Social Hour / Book Club events. We’ve had a homemade pizza cookoffs, and dinner parties, and farewell parties for some friends moving away from Austin (we’ll miss you, Borcherts!). We’re growing a small group of new parents makes plans together pretty often – we’ve recently celebrated Quinn’s 1st birthday, welcomed Ava and Wil into the world, babysat little Madeline, and snuggled little Gabriel at our monthly Galaxy Cafe brunch. It’s awesome to watch new parents that are just a little ahead of us – it’s like a window into our future life.

The next few weeks promise to keep us busy, too… There’s plenty of last minute Better Way to Say It work, a few more social events before our life gets baby-focused, lots of thank you notes to write, a hospital bag to pack, and as many hours of sleep as we can fit in before they disappear! Promise to update here and on Facebook with baby news as we have it to share!