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Birthdays & Weddings & Babies, Oh, my!

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You guys, June just up and flew by, didn’t it? I’m sure it’s because we had so much fun! The month kicked off (literally) with my new favorite thing – baby kicks! I had been feeling flutters but I had a few really good thumps on June 5th – the night before my birthday  – which was my favorite gift by far. Baby is now very active and practicing for 1st soccer game!

A week later we had our 19-week ultrasound, the last one of the pregnancy. We’d decided not to find out out the sex of the baby, but for no real reason we had decided in our heads that it was a girl. We’d picked out a girl name and had been calling baby “she” all the time. I wondered whether a surprise announcement of “boy!” would be harder after 9 months of being wrong, so we decided to find out, and…

We were surprised, but ecstatic – we’re over the moon, having fun daydreaming about sticks and snails and puppy dog tails, and are so excited to meet him!

So that was on a Monday, and Tuesday I hopped on a plane to Dallas to ride with my parents, brother, and sister to Louisville, KY for my cousin Chris’s wedding… and Scott made me promise not to tell them our news until he got there on Friday! Now THAT was a hard wait!

Luckily we kept busy until he arrived! We were arranging centerpieces, moving chairs, ironing tablecloths, etc. etc. The best part was they  wouldn’t let me  lift much or really help, so I got to snuggle my cousin’s baby, 4-month-old Kyle instead. I also loved watching my brother help out – he was ironing like a pro, and keeping one of the other babies occupied… he’s going to be such a good uncle!

Other fun stuff in June:

  • Had one of my best birthdays ever… I got to meet my friend Casey’s new baby girl for the first time (two weeks old! So tiny!) and ask lots of new mom questions, checked out a stack of great library books recommended by my book club, met my friend Jessica for smoothies & pedicures, dove into our Greenling box full of fresh peaches, and picked out a new pair of TOMS shoes to buy with my birthday gift card (thanks, Magics!). Scott & I ended a perfect day with an awesome dinner at Barley Swine, followed by a carmel salt lick ice cream cone from LICK.

Books, babies, pampering, good food and my sweet husband – all my favorite things!

  • One of my oldest Austin friends now has two sweet boys that turned 4 and 6 in June… they are 2 of our favorite kids in the world, and Tyler still makes my day when he comes running shouting “Jenny!” We got to celebrate birthdays with them twice in one weekend – first with a Saturday matinee of the new Pixar movie Brave, and Sunday at the coolest indoor bounce house place, Hoppin’ House… This photo is of Scott organizing a little contest of 4 year olds to jump and catch the foam block… Mark (the boys’ dad) commented on what a great little league coach he’ll be one day! And later that evening he put baby and me to bed with a puppet show and I happened to have my camera handy.

– Another weekend we met our friends Lisa and Gordon for dinner to welcome them to our neighborhood. Lisa and I met at an AWC event in May and since she’s expecting in August we had lots to talk about… then she and her husband moved 5 blocks from our house! We’re excited to have them as new neighbors and met them at Julio’s restaurant to welcome them to the area. Yesterday we went to their gorgeous baby shower at TRACE restaurant at the W Hotel… it was beautiful, and it was so fun to celebrate with them! We also got to see our good friend Andrea who is having her baby this week, and Casey, who had hers at the end of May… lots of new mama talk!

– One Saturday Lisa and I went to a Bump Club & Beyond brunch and we met all sorts of fun ladies and their babies – we got lots of  different stories and suggestions. Knock on wood, but so far all the advice I’ve received has been really kind and helpful – none of the labor horror stories yet! I even won a gift box of fancy diapers and came home with a goodie bag of bottles and pacifiers. Stocking up on freebies early! Now I’m trying to think of a nice way to let people know we love “gently used” goodies for baby gifts… any ideas?

– Things have been going really well for Better Way to Say It, too – I taught a big workshop for about 50 executives from a billion-dollar company, which was slightly intimidating but got great reviews! I also led a session at the Spark of Genius small business summit, which I loved because of the format – it was an “un-conference” with no PowerPoint or handouts allowed. Great discussion, much like my monthly Austin Content Marketing Meetup. I’m just glad to be feeling well enough to keep doing this fun stuff! We’ll see how the next few months change things…

– My sweet tooth convinced me to make carrot cake from scratch on the July 4th holiday… so yummy! I had to take cupcakes to Casey just to get some of the sugary goodness out of the house! Also, I’m convinced that sprinkles are just accessories for lumpy cupcakes. At least they tasted good!

And finally, some bump pictures…the belly really popped this month! In these pictures I’m 20 weeks – halfway! – on the left, and almost 22 weeks on the right. We’re 23 weeks today, but I don’t have a new picture yet – just back from yoga and not quite ready for my close-up!

Hope your summer is as fun and busy as ours has been so far!


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  1. What an uplifting post! Thanks for sharing your fun adventures!

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