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What exactly do you title the blog post where you’re introducing a new human?

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Something rather exciting has been going on over here in the Magic household, and to be honest, finding words to wrap around this miracle has been quite a challenge for me… so I stopped trying to get it right and just started typing.

Meet the newest Magic, due November 3, 2012:

Kicking & punching at the same time…

We’re happy and healthy and 18 weeks along as of today. The baby bump is growing and finally noticeable in most outfits. Luckily I already live in loose sundresses all summer, so I haven’t really had to buy any new clothes yet. I just felt the baby kick for the first time yesterday – I know I’m going to regret saying this when she’s kicking me in the gut later, but for now I’m cheering her on. (We don’t know the gender, but we both have a feeling that the baby is a girl, so we say “she” instead of “she/he/it”). I can’t wait for the day that Scott can feel them too.

I haven’t really kept a baby journal yet, so this post is a catch up from the first 4 months…

This is a brand of baby lotion, always makes me laugh!

We knew we were getting ready to think about a baby last November, so I stopped taking medication and started eating healthier, but we didn’t actually give anything a chance to happen until February 2012. Anyone doing the math can guess we got our good news very quickly, which is great – I’m usually so impatient, I was really dreading the (very likely) possibility of waiting 6 months or a year for good news. We feel very thankful and know how lucky we are.

click to read

The first yoga class I went to as a momma-to-be (before I even knew!) the instructor at Dharma Yoga read this awesome poem by e.e. cummings that was so beautiful I got all teary. It’s called i thank you God for most this amazing, and it’s been taped over my desk ever since. When I figured out that was the first poem my baby ever “read” I loved it even more.

I had a suspicion that I was pregnant a couple weeks later when I started falling asleep in my dinner at about 8pm every night… I was able to confirm February 24th – I took about 5 tests to be sure!

This is really happening!

When my marketing coordinator Lindsay got into work that morning I was just walking around in a daze, unable to sit still. So she was the first person I told – even though she was so worried that Scott would be mad he wasn’t first – but there was no way I was could just act normal that day… THEN I had to head out to host a business event! I interviewed Sharp Skirts founder Carla Thompson for my monthly Austin Content Marketing Meetup in front of an audience of 60+ people. I was so distracted! Carla was the second person I told, because I needed her to help me carry the day – I could barely remember my name, much less the interview questions! I was so relieved when that was over.

Where Scott found out…

Later that evening I insisted that Scott and I head out to dinner that night, without telling him why. We went to a new Italian restaurant called Gusto and when it was time to order some wine, l let him know that, unfortunately, I’d be sticking to sparkling water tonight… and for the next 9 months. When he figured out what I was telling him, he got so excited; he just kept repeating all evening, “We’re having a baby. We’re having a BABY!” Adorable.

My parents came to Austin unexpectedly that weekend to attend a memorial for my great-uncle Carroll, so we got to tell them over dinner that they were going to be grandparents! I also got to tell my grandparents in person, which was wonderful. My grandma said it added a lot of happiness to a sad day. She pulled out the photo she carries of all her great-grandchildren (I think there’s 20+, but I’ve lost count) and I said that I was a little late to the party, but my grandpa piped up and said in his slow Texas drawl that he “figured the party was just about gettin’ started” :) We’ll have the closest great-grandbaby and I can’t wait to have her visit their ranch in Lampasas where 6 generations of her family have called home.

almost 12 weeks

We had doctor visits in early March and got to see our little jellybean and confirm our due date. Scott has been an excited daddy, coming to all the visits and talking to my growing belly. We made a big chalkboard to take weekly photos in front of – so far they’re not terribly exciting, as I didn’t gain much weight for a while, but the baby is having a growth spurt so the next few weeks should get interesting. We had a special ultrasound and tests at 13 weeks that came back clear of any health concerns, which was a relief. When that ultrasound pic came up on the screen (above), I immediately thought it was a girl – even though there’s no way to tell at that point – and we’ve been calling her “she” ever since. If we’re wrong, I have some apologies to make to our son!

Scott picked this out as his Christmas present last year… perfect for a nursery!

We waited until 13 weeks to really tell more than family and close friends, and when Scott told his colleagues at work, his boss offered us a crib and carseat, which we were so thrilled about! The nursery is a work in progress, but we have a few things in mind and a piece of artwork we’re using as an inspiration – bright colors for this baby!

New-to-us Oeuf crib & Britax carseat

I’ve been really lucky and have had it easy so far – no morning sickness or other symptoms – other than needing about 10 hours of sleep a night! In the first trimester I was also sneaking a half-hour a nap about 3pm, too. Apparently growing a baby is hard work. Even though I was pretty tired Scott and I would take a walk most evenings for about an hour, just try and get a little exercise. Some evenings we also stopped for coconut gelato at Dolce Vita in our neighborhood – yum!

I got my energy back right around 16 weeks and have been taking 5-6 hours of either yoga or water aerobics classes each week – I got a gym membership to 24 Hour Fitness in January (Costco has a killer deal at about $12/ mo.) but only used it about a month before I got too tired to think of exercise.

Bikini Belly Bump 17 weeks

The water aerobics class is especially fun, because I’m the youngest lady in the pool by about 30 years. Before the first class I told the instructor that I was pregnant (just in case she noticed me going slow or modifying the exercise) and while she was teaching she would say, “if you’re pregnant, do it this way” and all the grandmas in the pool just looked around at each other surprised! It was hilarious. I had to raise my hand and say, “it’s me!” and they all giggled.

One for each of the Magics

For Mother’s Day this year, I was so focused on making sure our moms and grandmas got their cards that I completely didn’t realize that I could be celebrating, too, until my wonderful sister sent me the most amazing gifts ever: she painted a gorgeous “Magic Family” painting with two lovebirds and an egg in the nest! She also handmade me this little bird’s nest necklace with three little eggs. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing sister and she’s going to be an awesome Aunt Kendra!

The Magic Family is very happy…

We really couldn’t be happier. I’ll try to be better about keeping updates coming!


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  1. I am OVER THE MOON for you! You’ve done such a wonderful job capturing and sharing all of the excitement and wonder. I can’t wait to catch up – please know that we’re sharing in your excitement and rooting you on from afar! Love you!

  2. Thanks, MaryAnn! We’re thrilled beyond belief. Trying to enjoy these last few quiet months, but so eager to meet the little one! Let us know the next time you guys make it to Texas, we’ll have to drive over from Austin and say hello!

  3. All I have to say is: what a lucky baby to have you two for parents.

  4. Aww, thanks Rita! We have some good role models to learn from… Hope to see you guys this summer at one of the lake trips!

  5. Carolyn Johnson

    Well, it’s tissue time Jenny! She will be the most beautiful little girl – with your beautiful eyes and gorgeous smile, and loved beyone all comprehension! And, by the way, this is as thin as you will ever be from now on – take lots of pics! LOL Love, Carolyn

  6. Carolyn, thank you! I know, I’m trying to enjoy all sorts of things that are soon to be distant memories – my waistline, sleeping through the night, doing anything without an hour of planning in advance… but we really can’t wait!

  7. Vicky & Kelly Irvin

    Congrats, Jenny and Scott, so excited for you!!

  8. Thanks, Vicky! We miss you guys!

  9. Congratulations!! What a great way to capture this incredible time in your lives! I will think of you every night as I reach for the Baby Magic shampoo at bath time! :-)

  10. Jamie Lawler

    So exciting, Jenny! Congrats to you and Scott. I’m so happy for you.

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