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Adventures in (Lizard) Skincare

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My daily beauty regimen is pretty lazy – often including hand soap, summer sunscreen, and whatever free samples came with my latest attempt to be nice at a Mary Kay party. So when I got a coupon for a free mini-facial in my gift bag at a recent event, I decided 31 is definitely old enough to graduate to appropriate skin care and made an appointment.

The esthetician was nice enough to give me a 2-week sample of something that has turned my face into lizard skin. Now, as easy as it is to blame the cream, I have to take some of the credit. I remembered as I was applying it on night #2 that it was an every-other-night cream. Ahh, what’s one day? I thought. Turns out, one day = lizard skin.

I look exactly like that summer where I traded SPF for baby oil (which is probably why I needed this appointment in the first place) and/or a few of the halloween costumes I saw last week. Once again, attempts at beautification are really hidden opportunity for humility.

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