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Hey, guess what?

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Scott and I have been married an entire year. And it’s still awesome. He’s still patient and humors me when I’m crazy (he can tell I’m trying to rein it in – that’s love, right?). I am still the luckiest girl in the world. He still calls me “the best birthday present ever.”

Did I ever tell you about how we met on his birthday? Because I typed it up the other day to update a friend who I hadn’t seen in AGES (Hi Nicole!) and since I went to all that trouble, I thought I’d tell you too. It’s such a good story.

It’s March of 2008. I had a business trip to San Diego and I decided to fly out early (Friday morning) and have a little vacation. It was my first solo vacation, no big deal, I always make friends, right? Wrong. In a city of tourists, everyone was completely focused on their friends. Two days later, I’d spoken only to waiters.

I was so starved for conversation that I’d spent Saturday morning at the San Diego zoo talking to kids about how cool the animals are. That afternoon I was back at my hotel, reading a book by the pool. When a nice group started to make even a hint of conversation, I was up and in their circle in no time. Turns out, they were in town for a girlfriend’s 30th birthday party. So naturally I invited myself. )Gracefully, of course!)

The party was great, but it was also very “L.A.” –  all decked out in fancy clothes and very cool. I was having fun, but wasn’t sure if this was my crowd. But wait! This guy walks in looking straight out of J.Crew – complete with sexy architect glasses. And then he came right up to us. It was Mr. Magic, and it turns out, he actually is an architect. He apologized for being late, but since that day was his birthday too, he had been out for dinner with his parents & brother. (Have you heard of your “lucky” or “golden” birthday – that day was his: Mar. 29th, and his 29th birthday).

When he found out I was from Dallas, he said, “Oh, I’m visiting there next month!” I asked if he had any friends or family there, but he said no, he was coming to see a building. He’s an architect, and his favorite is the guy who built the Kimball Art Museum. So he already had a ticket to visit me even before we met – how’s that for fate?

Not an hour later, after taking my business card and having a great chat, he said he was going to leave, could he call me tomorrow? It was probably about 10pm and I was bummed – I was sure he had a date or something.

But not only did he call the next day, the next three nights he took me out for these fantastic dates (the first was at the oldest dive bar in San Diego – he said he wanted to set the bar low) including a walk under the twinkling lights of Balboa Park. Years later we’d picnic under those lights and laugh about that evening. So I went back to Dallas, but we visited each other 7 times in 6 months. On Labor Day weekend I packed up a UHaul, he flew to Dallas, and we he drove to San Diego.

And that’s the magical Magic story! Pretty good, no? I’ve told it a thousand times, but this was the first time I’ve written it down and I just had to share.

Happy 1st Anniversary, Mr. Magic. You live up to your name every day.