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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Howdy, Y’all!

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Hello from Texas! I know I’ve been completely lax about posting, but I have a good excuse…We picked up at the end of March and relocated ourselves to lovely Austin, Texas. East Austin, to be exact, about a mile and a half due East from the state Capitol. We’re renting a lovely, lovely house that is still on the market, which means it’s all ours to enjoy, but we have to let realtors show it, and be ready to move if it sells. Today the realtor was running about an hour late and almost caught Scott in the shower… oops! Luckily they’ll pay our moving costs, but we’re crossing our fingers that it’s overpriced and that we’ll get to stay here a while.

My sister Kendra and her hilarious husband Travis are coming to visit us this weekend. I’d like to think they’re coming because we’re so much fun, but I know the stockpile of boxes in our shed are part of the attraction – they close on their first house in about 6 weeks, up in Ft. Worth close to our parents. We’re SO excited for them. We have so many new things we want to show them, I’m sure we’ll run out of time.

So Scott and I are both networking our socks off (who am I kidding? It’s too hot for socks here!) and looking for new work. Scott is actually hunting for an actual job, so cross your fingers and let me know if you know anyone seeking a brilliant licensed architect who wants to find a spot in architecture or construction and hopefully get his contractors license sometime soon.

My only complaint about our new digs? The ice cream man comes twice a day and it seems that just when I get the song, “Do Your Ears Hang Low” out of my head, he’s back for round two. If we stay I may have to donate an additional few songs to his repertoire!