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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day! And Magic Wedding photos

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Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor, I’m finally (finally!) getting all the photos and video from everyone in one place, in order! If the video asks you for a password it’s “lemmons” – and there’s a link to all the photos underneath the slideshow. If you want any of these photos in a print-quality version, shoot me an email. Thanks to everyone who made it such an amazing day! xoxo -Jenny

password = lemmons

password = lemmons

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To view all the photos, click here


What’s Your Superpower?

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I love being a contributor to the Content Marketing Institute, and today I have a new post up about finding your “superpower” – the “secret sauce” that gets people talking about your business. If you speak for a business of any size and don’t know what your cape would say, read on!

The Role of Personality, the Underdog and Superpowers in Effective Social Media Marketing

When visitors give your website or social media profile a quick glance, it’s the equivalent of them asking “What do you do?” if they met you in person. There’s only a brief instant to make a connection as they decide where your company “fits” in their world.

  • As a company, are you interesting?
  • Are you an expert at something they need help with?
  • Do you share a passion for an activity they enjoy?
  • Most importantly, do you seem genuine?

Read the full article at the Content Marketing Institute website. Thanks for checking it out! If you like it, please “Like” it at the top of the CMI page, or we’d love a retweet.