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And Much, Much More…

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… and more. Much, much more :)

Photos and recaps from a glorious wedding and honeymoon to follow soon, I promise!

photo via FFFound!


The BIG DAY is here

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After a few days of family and parties and celebration, I’m sitting at my friend/roomate-for-a-night Lindsay’s breakfast table enjoying the first moments of wedding zen – utter peacefulness.

Since Scott decided that the one tradition we would honor is not seeing each other all day, I’m not allowed back in my house or to the reception site today. Which means I can’t run around looking for last-minute things to do, so I’m drinking tea, answering all these sweet texts and emails, and just relaxing. Which is a good thing, considering all the running around we’ve been doing!

Wednesday my mom flew in and we had fun running errands and just catching up for a couple days. Friday morning she and I picked up my sister and got amazing massages with mimosas and fresh fruit. We took our peppermint-oiled hair to meet my dad, brother and brother-in-law.

Since my dad’s birthday was this weekend as well, I didn’t want it to get lost in the wedding planning so we surprised dad with the news that we were spending Friday afternoon at the Miramar Air Show. His eyes lit up. We watched the Blue Angels tear apart the sky and buzz close enough we were waving at the pilots. I forgot my sunscreen so I spent the day wrapped up in a turban and cape made of a souvenir t-shirt for dad.

Then we raced home and heaved our neighbor’s lovely (and heavy!) dining table into our living room and hosted a BBQ. Then yesterday we spent the day under a sun umbrella on the deck of the Hotel Del Coronado and walking on the beach. Then we all met for pizza at Mona Lisa and then another glass at Sogno di Vino, and it was a pot of “relaxing calm” tea at Lindsay’s house and off to sleep…

And now I have to get ready! More (with pictures) later!