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Out of my hands and loving it…

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“A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” — John Steinbeck

My guess is the same is true of a wedding; we’re at 8 days and counting, everything seems in order, but I am fully aware that I am not in control. As a matter of fact, I’m looking forward to all the things I can’t predict or anticipate. They make the best stories anyhow. I think we’re at the point where everything is just going to happen the way it’s going to happen, and I’m actively letting go.

On a completely separate note, I just got the kindest offer from a friend of mine to let us take over her beautiful home next weekend. My girlfriends and I now have room to celebrate and relax the night before and enjoy mimosas from one of three ocean-view balconies on the wedding day. Her words were, “what is the space for if not to share?” I’m touched and excited about this turn of events!


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  1. Where’s the “Like” button?!

    Just as long as the important things happen; the details don’t really matter. And you know we all love to listen to good stories. (Does Richard check this blog? hehe)

  2. Jenny- I am soo happy for you!! You have the right frame of mind for the big day! Things will go wrong, unexpectedly good things will happen, and you will probably cry alot! Enjoy every beautiful moment, and know we are celebrating with you even if we aren’t there.

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