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Playing with Flowers

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So we had decided months ago to skip expensive flowers for the wedding (everyone leaves the next day – who will get to enjoy them?) and do instead these fun DIY flowers.
For a few moments I even considered using them for my bouquet, since that would completely eliminate a day-of headache. BUT they’re just a bit too silly for that, so we decided on just a few fresh flowers. Enter Lindsay Willrick, the lovely lady who moved into our old apartment in May and now lives across the sidewalk.

Not only has she been willing and excited to help me plan out the details (even a simple wedding needs a plan!) but she’s also a botanist!

She’s part of multiple plant societies with little old ladies! She can pick a few leaves from an odd-looking plant on our neighborhood walks and have her own growing in a pot in days. She has a half-dozen healthy orchids, people. She speaks plant. In other words, she has enough green thumb to make up for my black one.

SO we’ve been visiting the wholesale flower market, and the farmers’ markets, and practicing. I say “we” but really I just tag along.
The littlest P (above) helps by stripping leaves and modeling Lindsay’s lovely designs.

Practice Bouquet by Lindsay Willrick

Awesome, no? I am SO lucky to have her help!

P.S. – Know someone getting married in San Diego? She’s willing to do other weddings too!


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  1. Wow, these are AMAZING! I’ll definitely have to talk to her about our wedding.

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