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Thank Goodness I Don’t DIY ~or~ What Not to Expect on our Big Day

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Let me start by saying I LOVE the blog I’m about to feature, and her creativity is amazing. That said, as I had just read a wedding blog where some other bride was *obsessing* *about* *all* *the* *details*, I came across this and just laughed out loud.

Thank goodness I’m smart enough to know that I do not have the patience (or talent with a ruler, for that matter) to pull of 2 off these cute gift bags made from an envelope and tape, much less 100.

However, if you’re feeling crafty, the full details are at How About Orange.

Also, as I’m announcing that there will be no favor bags made from envelopes, I feel like telling you all the things we’re doing differently, some because of our budget, some because we’re just odd like that…

What NOT to expect at our wedding:

  • Handmade favor bags filled with Hershey kisses or Jordan almonds
  • An arrival gift bag in your room with maps and a stale cookie
  • Our monogram hand-stamped on anything
  • Anything DIY that a kindergartner couldn’t do (I have one next door, he’s testing my criteria)
  • An actual wedding cake (see below)
  • Me flinging my bouquet at a group of (many of them happily) single girls
  • The throwing of any of my lingerie in public, ever (no garter toss)
  • Oh, an actual wedding ceremony, because unless you raised the bride or groom or are otherwise blood-related, you will have to be ok with just pictures and the party that follows. (To the family: Sorry, but the ceremony will have no music, no attendants, no processional and no chairs – just a marriage and a gorgeous view)
  • A band, or even a DJ – it’s an iPod wedding. I am hoping I can con my DJ brother-in-law to man the “next” button for us
  • A gift table. Seriously, don’t bring one. Bring us your love and good wishes instead!

What you CAN expect at our shindig:

  • A website with all the maps and restaurants and links and helpful stuff we can think of
  • A relaxed and joyful bride and groom, unscathed by long nights of making favors or arranging flowers in the wee hours
  • An amazing view of both the San Diego downtown skyline and the bay
  • Toasts and tears and laughter (the mic will be open, come prepared!)
  • A less-than-perfectly-performed first dance full of giggles
  • Comfortable lounge chairs to fall into for great conversations
  • Yummy kabobs of all types right off the grill (grilled pineapple!) and piles of hummus and pita
  • A dessert table filled with a half-dozen different types of delicious goodies (handmade caramels! cupcakes!)
  • Songs hand-selected by the music aficionado groom to keep the vibe right and the dancing going
  • fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! That’s what I’m looking forward to.

Seems like weddings are full of ideas and expectations, and it’s impossible to meet all of them. These are our choices, and it felt good to say them out loud!

PS – 32 days and counting!


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  1. Ok, you are my HERO! Not that I’m getting married any time soon, but the day will come. And I’ve already decided that flinging bouquets and underwear are NOT my style. I don’t know why I am giving anything to anybody for attending my wedding. I don’t want rice or birdseed pitched at me. I am not getting married so I can get gifts. I don’t want to spend tons of money on flowers and decor. And though I am VERY creative, I don’t want to spend weeks, time and money making little things that people go, “Oh that’s so cute! Now I’ll throw it away.” Personally, I also do not want a HUGE wedding where my whole church turns out. I will be just as married with a small, intimate gathering. Do we really have to keep up with the Jones from the moment we are born until the moment we die? I think not. I pour a glass of bubbly and tip it in your general direction and shout, “Cheers to originality and freedom from the fetter of some traditions!”

  2. Over the past week, I’ve started noting things that fall into the “Now that I’m single again, let me count my blessings” category . One of them is ‘There’s still a chance of finding some one that a) I totally want to marry and b) wants the same type of wedding.’ Discussions of a 300 person guest list, just on the groom’s side, makes me want to back away slowly. Why not set a weekly dinner party night and slowly work through the guest list and actually enjoy their company?
    Congrats to you and Scott for planning what will truely be YOUR day!

  3. Your comment hit it exactly on the head – I knew we were like-minds! The only place I gave in is the huge church event, but it’s a month after our wedding, back at my parents’ church for everyone who couldn’t make it out to San Diego and more. So it ends up as a 15-guest ceremony and 75-guest reception in San Diego, and a 200-guest “encore” reception a month later. We’re glad that each part reflects our goals for that moment as well as respect for the wishes and needs of the friends and family around us. I never liked the, “it’s your day, do what you want” mantra – our families are marrying each other too!

  4. Can I just say how happy I am with your inner peace in this time? I love how gracefully you’re handling a big change. And yes, wedding planning is a great time to center around your beliefs as a couple – expectations that you didn’t even know you had, they were so ingrained. It’s a bit like therapy – uncovering stuff, working through it!

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