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Finally Mastered Headstand

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Ok, so it’s not really big news (and that’s not really me) but I was so excited to finally have enough strength and balance to pull off a headstand. When I walked home I unrolled my yoga mat in the living room just to prove to myself it wasn’t a fluke. I said to Scott (in the other room), “come check this out” while I was in the headstand.

Yay me. And I’m going to be sore tomorrow!

In other news, we had some new friends over for dinner last night that we met on the Tour de Five Cities bike ride, and I totally have a friend crush on both of them. It’s a big deal when you find a couple that you both like as individuals and as a couple, so that any pair or the foursome makes for good conversation. AND because they were coming over, the house is clean, and I even finished up laundry.

So now I can catch up on email, blog (!) and dig into the pile of library books that have been teasing me all week. Tomorrow we’re headed to the VIP box at the 94.9 Independence Jam music festival, (thanks Julian!). This event was where Scott took me for my birthday two years ago (it used to be in June) and I got my first real taste of how beautiful San Diego can be in the summer. I was searching for apartments here within the month.

Two years ago this weekend we were crossing the wide open space between Dallas and San Diego… funny how time flies!


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