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Super Birthday Goodness, the Address Incident, and the Submarine in my Backyard

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I am so excited because I just finished planning what I think will be a fantastic birthday surprise for my wonderful-best-there-is dad. His birthday is October 2nd, and Scott & I happened to choose October 3rd for our “big day” so I was simultaneously happy that I got to be with my dad on his birthday (first time in years) and worried that all the wedding festivities would preclude celebrating what a great father I have. In honor of the 8 million piggyback rides and countless hours of wasted gas while his kids water-skiied around the lake in circles, I am crossing my fingers our gift idea is worthy. I would tell you all about it, but I know he might read this so you’ll just have to wait.

In other news, it took me no less than three (3!) attempts to get a wedding invite to my much-loved aunt and uncle. Turns out that a) relying on your sister’s wedding spreadsheet (so it’s from 2006, sue me); b) asking your teenage cousin where to address her parents’ mail; c) relying on your grandmother to confirm; and d) hoping that the post office will forward any erroneous addresses; is not a foolproof methodology. My only consolation is that they have a daughter getting married in January (congrats Erin!), so they will completely forgive me once she enters the chaos that is wedding planning. The (cross your fingers!) corrected version is stamped and awaiting Ken our local postman as we speak.

Finally, I need to share with you, in kindergarten show-and-tell style (he starts next week! Can it be? He was three when I moved in!) the submarine that Ivan and Scott built Saturday morning (and afternoon) with the box from Lindsay’s new couch, complete with fins, a bridge, and binocular-style periscope that he insists needs to point both down and up so he has a full view of the ocean. The lion hat was just accidental cuteness. It is also furnished inside with a rug, a cooler for food/ drinks, and three wire spools that are perfect crew chairs. Notice the small working porthole on the side, for Oxygen. There are also “down” and “up” buttons inside the bridge, installed once he was told that submarines don’t have gas and brake pedals. I could just die of the cuteness sometimes.


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  1. Aren’t dads the best? I remember one special evening when I was still small enough to sit on my dad’s shoulders. He came in the house and scooped me up onto his shoulders and said, “Let’s go outside and see the moon!” Rising on the horizen was the HUGEST, most BUTTERY harvest moon EVER! As it rose it passed behind a bank of clouds, and then, like magic, it appeared very small as it rose above them. For years I thought that my dad was magical and could shrink the moon! Gotta love dads.

  2. Kat, I knew there was a reason you turned out so good! Sounds like you have some great memories. Have you written them down?

  3. Hmmm… no.. actually I haven’t written them down.

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