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Always Ready to Celebrate

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Because sometimes you just need to blow out a candle and celebrate!5-Minute Candles are designed to look like a book of matches, but inside are 10 small candles. They can be lit while still attached, or broken off to light a cake. One pack holds 4 books, in pink, yellow, green, and blue.”


Thank Goodness I Don’t DIY ~or~ What Not to Expect on our Big Day

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Let me start by saying I LOVE the blog I’m about to feature, and her creativity is amazing. That said, as I had just read a wedding blog where some other bride was *obsessing* *about* *all* *the* *details*, I came across this and just laughed out loud.

Thank goodness I’m smart enough to know that I do not have the patience (or talent with a ruler, for that matter) to pull of 2 off these cute gift bags made from an envelope and tape, much less 100.

However, if you’re feeling crafty, the full details are at How About Orange.

Also, as I’m announcing that there will be no favor bags made from envelopes, I feel like telling you all the things we’re doing differently, some because of our budget, some because we’re just odd like that…

What NOT to expect at our wedding:

  • Handmade favor bags filled with Hershey kisses or Jordan almonds
  • An arrival gift bag in your room with maps and a stale cookie
  • Our monogram hand-stamped on anything
  • Anything DIY that a kindergartner couldn’t do (I have one next door, he’s testing my criteria)
  • An actual wedding cake (see below)
  • Me flinging my bouquet at a group of (many of them happily) single girls
  • The throwing of any of my lingerie in public, ever (no garter toss)
  • Oh, an actual wedding ceremony, because unless you raised the bride or groom or are otherwise blood-related, you will have to be ok with just pictures and the party that follows. (To the family: Sorry, but the ceremony will have no music, no attendants, no processional and no chairs – just a marriage and a gorgeous view)
  • A band, or even a DJ – it’s an iPod wedding. I am hoping I can con my DJ brother-in-law to man the “next” button for us
  • A gift table. Seriously, don’t bring one. Bring us your love and good wishes instead!

What you CAN expect at our shindig:

  • A website with all the maps and restaurants and links and helpful stuff we can think of
  • A relaxed and joyful bride and groom, unscathed by long nights of making favors or arranging flowers in the wee hours
  • An amazing view of both the San Diego downtown skyline and the bay
  • Toasts and tears and laughter (the mic will be open, come prepared!)
  • A less-than-perfectly-performed first dance full of giggles
  • Comfortable lounge chairs to fall into for great conversations
  • Yummy kabobs of all types right off the grill (grilled pineapple!) and piles of hummus and pita
  • A dessert table filled with a half-dozen different types of delicious goodies (handmade caramels! cupcakes!)
  • Songs hand-selected by the music aficionado groom to keep the vibe right and the dancing going
  • fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! That’s what I’m looking forward to.

Seems like weddings are full of ideas and expectations, and it’s impossible to meet all of them. These are our choices, and it felt good to say them out loud!

PS – 32 days and counting!

Finally Mastered Headstand

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Ok, so it’s not really big news (and that’s not really me) but I was so excited to finally have enough strength and balance to pull off a headstand. When I walked home I unrolled my yoga mat in the living room just to prove to myself it wasn’t a fluke. I said to Scott (in the other room), “come check this out” while I was in the headstand.

Yay me. And I’m going to be sore tomorrow!

In other news, we had some new friends over for dinner last night that we met on the Tour de Five Cities bike ride, and I totally have a friend crush on both of them. It’s a big deal when you find a couple that you both like as individuals and as a couple, so that any pair or the foursome makes for good conversation. AND because they were coming over, the house is clean, and I even finished up laundry.

So now I can catch up on email, blog (!) and dig into the pile of library books that have been teasing me all week. Tomorrow we’re headed to the VIP box at the 94.9 Independence Jam music festival, (thanks Julian!). This event was where Scott took me for my birthday two years ago (it used to be in June) and I got my first real taste of how beautiful San Diego can be in the summer. I was searching for apartments here within the month.

Two years ago this weekend we were crossing the wide open space between Dallas and San Diego… funny how time flies!

Super Birthday Goodness, the Address Incident, and the Submarine in my Backyard

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I am so excited because I just finished planning what I think will be a fantastic birthday surprise for my wonderful-best-there-is dad. His birthday is October 2nd, and Scott & I happened to choose October 3rd for our “big day” so I was simultaneously happy that I got to be with my dad on his birthday (first time in years) and worried that all the wedding festivities would preclude celebrating what a great father I have. In honor of the 8 million piggyback rides and countless hours of wasted gas while his kids water-skiied around the lake in circles, I am crossing my fingers our gift idea is worthy. I would tell you all about it, but I know he might read this so you’ll just have to wait.

In other news, it took me no less than three (3!) attempts to get a wedding invite to my much-loved aunt and uncle. Turns out that a) relying on your sister’s wedding spreadsheet (so it’s from 2006, sue me); b) asking your teenage cousin where to address her parents’ mail; c) relying on your grandmother to confirm; and d) hoping that the post office will forward any erroneous addresses; is not a foolproof methodology. My only consolation is that they have a daughter getting married in January (congrats Erin!), so they will completely forgive me once she enters the chaos that is wedding planning. The (cross your fingers!) corrected version is stamped and awaiting Ken our local postman as we speak.

Finally, I need to share with you, in kindergarten show-and-tell style (he starts next week! Can it be? He was three when I moved in!) the submarine that Ivan and Scott built Saturday morning (and afternoon) with the box from Lindsay’s new couch, complete with fins, a bridge, and binocular-style periscope that he insists needs to point both down and up so he has a full view of the ocean. The lion hat was just accidental cuteness. It is also furnished inside with a rug, a cooler for food/ drinks, and three wire spools that are perfect crew chairs. Notice the small working porthole on the side, for Oxygen. There are also “down” and “up” buttons inside the bridge, installed once he was told that submarines don’t have gas and brake pedals. I could just die of the cuteness sometimes.

Too busy to write, wish you were here!

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Things I have done this week, each of which would make an interesting story if I would take the time to write:

  • Driven 30 miles outside of town to watch the meteor shower until after midnight last night. Explained first to curious teens and then to a nice policeman why we were camping out with our lawn chairs in their neighborhood
  • Eaten two delicious feasts al fresco prepared by mr. magic, both featuring veggies from our Suzie’s Farm CSA – Eggplant Moussaka for Melissa and flank stake and kebobs for our friends Jeff and Jackie. He perfectly replicated my favorite marinade from the Turf Club
  • Sent my measurements to New York for a certain wedding accessory I couldn’t live without – dress envy strikes again
  • Made DIY centerpieces with Scott and a friend from the Bridal Brigade while watching episodes of Entourage
  • Took sample polaroids (sorry, Fuji, they will always be polaroids) for the guestbook with the world’s largest camera still on the market. – I left my hand in there for scale… I think I’m going to be an asian tourist for halloween with this as the main prop.
  • Attended my first Board Meeting for NAWBO, spent 4 hours that only seemed like 15 minutes collaborating with great women about the coming year.
  • Got asked informally if I’d consider being president-elect for said group of lovely ladies. Did the 3-second pause for humility and said yes.
  • Plowed through a client’s book manuscript and started piecing together their Book Launch Newsroom and accompanying website (so excited about this development – we will formally launch our new tool soon!)
  • Procrastinated on planning/ promoting our next Lunch & Learn which is bearing down on us – Aug. 25th! Gotta get in gear!
  • Hosted another FABULOUS book club, where we AGAIN forgot to take any photos, but and 10 pm snuck up us in what seemed like minutes.
  • Signed up for dance lessons with mr. magic
  • Set a meeting with our venue’s new event coordinator to talk details
  • Booked a facial and massages for me and my girls for just before the big day (Go Groupon, Living Social and Yelp Deals for having dance, facial and massage coupons this week! Saved a TON!)
  • Found the perfect shade of everything in the cosmetic playground that is Sephora, then returned half because, really, what was I thinking?

I also made some new friends, landed some new clients, accidentally agreed to have my astrological chart read, read 80-bajillion blog posts on everything from online marketing to knock-knock jokes to wedding-planning-commiseration, commented and shared what I loved on Facebook, Twitter, snuggled with mr. magic, enjoyed this amazing San Diego summer weather, went to yoga etc, etc, etc. Love this life, running at 80 mph – we have it so, so good.

Some days…

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that, and my overwhelming humility. What can I say, it’s been a rather trying week, work-wise and sometimes a laugh is all you need to keep on chugging!

Via the ever-amazing Ceila

I’m Published!

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Well, not on paper or anything, but the online Content Marketing Institute asked me to be a contributor and my first post is up today. I’d be honored if you would take a look, and please “Like” it if you so desire!

How to Repurpose Content to Stay Consistent