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Guess What’s ALL DONE

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Guess which most-awesome-husband-to-be addressed ALL OF THEM? Guess who’s going to return the favor when thank-you time comes around?

What? Why yes, those are Abstract Expressionist Paintings on our stamps.

Because, eww:

and double eww:

Now to the post office…


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  1. If Scott doesn’t already have a font of his handwriting, he needs to. It’s ridiculously uniform– in an awesome way of course. I’d download it! :)

  2. He does! I had one made at for our first Christmas together. I used it a bit on the wedding RSVP website :)

  3. Got ours today! Very cool! I love the colors…they are very Jenny & Scott, if I may say so. :) Cheers to the non-wedding-related stamps as well!

  4. OH dear! I just realized I never got my invitation… then I see my invite right there on top with a very old address.

    Is that just a nice way for you to *not* have us at the wedding ; )


  5. Oh my dear, you aren’t the first – I worked off an OLD address list and quite a few didn’t get caught. I’ve emailed you for a better address! Hope to see you soon!

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