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Not that I’ve even had the slightest of cold feet – we’re both skipping to this marriage thing with stupid grins – but this week I cut the tags out of my dress (my mom did, actually, just before she was kind enough to hem the @#$ thing, twice), and today… we purchased our marriage license. It was surprisingly simple. Sign here, write your check, ta-da! You’re almost there!

Oh yeah, this is for real. Yippee!


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  1. You so make me smile constantly. Oh, and I still have a really random gift for you in the top of my closet. Your gift makes me smile when I see it. I really should send it since I have one similar. I don’t need yours. When’s the wedding? Perhaps I’ll send it as the most unique wedding gift you might get.

  2. Ahhh! I love really random gifts! The actual wedding is October 3rd, but we’ll be in Dallas for the Reunion Tour complete with original costumes and cake November 6th, watch for your invite :) Can’t wait to catch up!

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