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How it Goes These Days

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1. So I’m sitting at a coffee shop, about to meet Anne-Marie, our wedding caterer/dessert baker and Scott (who wanted to ride his bike), but at the last minute I checked my calendar and realized that the meeting is tomorrow. I guess that’s better than realizing it was yesterday, but still. I guess I just really wanted that bagel today. I even remembered to bring our invitation samples (peacock and sunshine, if you want a hint) and brought inspiration pictures so she could get all the info she needs. We’ll see if I can remember all that for tomorrow’s actual meeting.

2. Scott has been a great partner about wedding duties, offering his opinions, helping me sort through the guest list, and volunteering to take charge on a couple projects we have to do. He’s such a design guy that he actually wanted to work directly with our friend Maie at Noon Design Shop to design beautiful, fun invites, and then offered to address them all. I think that’s his nice way of saying he likes his handwriting better than mine, but I’m so thrilled to find this get-of-jail/writing-all-those-envelopes-free card that I don’t even mind the hint. I sent him the Excel spreadsheet with (I thought) clear instructions. Unfortunately, he left off all the second-line names, including the “and family” and children lines. He said it wouldn’t “look good.” I’m more concerned with people who won’t realize their kids are invited than whether it “looks good” but since he already stamped them all I took a breath and said they look beautiful (which they do). I just called my sister for an emergency “am-I-worrying-about-nothing”? conference, and she gave me the (brilliant) idea to just insert a little personal note inside the envelopes of anyone who might get their dander up about it. Also, on our wedding website, the RSVP section will very clearly name everyone who’s welcome, including kids and guests, so the confusion shouldn’t last too long. Crisis averted.

3. Yesterday I dropped the decorative 1/2 liter glass olive oil container my mom gave me (recently refilled to the absolute top) on our tile floor. After scooping up most of the ocean of oil and shattered glass with my dustpan and paper towels and many, many, MANY moppings with every household cleaner I could think of, I got all the glass but the floor is still a bit slippery. Life is telling me to SLOW DOWN. Like my dad did for most of my adolescence. When will I learn?

4. Despite all this, I am happy, GIDDY even, because this weekend I get to see all my family for the first time since Christmas! Headed to the lake via a 6am flight Friday morning, then a trip to the other Dallas airport to get my brother-in-law, then four hours in the car and then lots of hugs! And Oklahoma in July (how crazy that I”m looking forward to the heat? It’s been chilly here for months) and water skiing! I can’t wait.

And that is how it goes these days. Pretty good, and a little crazy.


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  1. I just wanted to stop by and say that your wedding website is awesome (both content and layout) and thank you for sharing :). Ours totally sucks and I wish that Mark would get on fixing it but he’s been busy moving our apartment while I went to bar review and cooking dinner for me while I went to bar review and unpacking while I’m at bar review and you get the general idea. I feel bad for whining. But kudos to you!
    And that olive oil thing sucks. When I was 11 years old, we got lava lamps for christmas and I broke all three at once over the carpet. It was probably almost as bad as your incident, because lava lamps are filled with oil.

  2. Can’t wait to see you. This is the longest time apart in your life!! I miss my baby girl.

  3. Thank you! I do online marketing/build websites for a living ( so I had a bit of a leg up when it came time to put ours up. The only downside is that we’re having two parties (wedding where we live now, my hometown a month later) so that means two wedding sites! They’re almost identical :)
    And bummer about the lava lamps! All three at once must have been quite a sight to see! At least my olive oil didn’t stain anything! :)

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