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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Birthday BBQ, Complete with Lanterns

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SO the birthday party was so fun that no one (no one!) pulled out a camera and took any photos. So the lovely day lives in memories only… but they’re fantastic memories! Scott manned the grill, cooking carne asada, chicken skewers and grilled veggies. I blended mountains of hummus earlier in the day, and Mrs. P showed up with her delicious rice & veggie treats with aioli and spicy sriracha sauce. We feasted! So much that we forgot to pull the ice cream out of the freezer, oops. I turned 30 amid great friends and much joy and feeling very loved.

The following week flew by because we were headed out Friday morning to DENVER to see my friend Marie marry her terrific guy, Will. Part of the wedding festivities included a planned group whitewater rafting trip Saturday morning (the wedding was Sunday evening) with the bride and groom along for the ride. Unfortunately the weather in Denver didn’t want to cooperate. It was around 55 and raining/ hailing/ tornadoing all weekend. But did we let that stop us? No! Like crazy people, we went down the highest water they’ve had in 20 years. People went swimming (not me!) and it was chaos.  Followed by a great party. There will be more details when those crazy rafting photos show up, but the bride and groom and in Belize until July, so be patient.

Since then, just enjoying the new house (pictures coming soon) and trying to plan a wedding on as few chickens as possible. I’m off to work on the wedding website where we can take RSVPs & such!


Quick update & a video

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We had a crazy but fun holiday weekend, as we were moving into our new place just across the sidewalk from our old one. I promise to do a picture post soon, but the short version is that in one weekend, Ted moved out of our new apartment, we moved in, new girl Lindsay moved in our old spot, and John & Nicole moved out of the back apartment – it was nuts! Luckily new guy Drew isn’t moving into the back apartment until NEXT weekend.

It’s back to a busy work day so pictures will have to wait, but I’m leaving you with this adorable video of a baby boy who hears his mother’s voice for the first time after an ear implant. His giggles are priceless!