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I was flipping through an old journal today and found a piece that I wrote what feels like a lifetime ago, when I was about to turn 24:

Thoughts bombard of the life unplanned, aimless
or worse yet, hopefully ambitious and poorly guided.
Time longs to slip by, to bring me to their graves uneventfully.
Occupied with mere distractions, they spin fruitlessly,
unaware of the joy within their grasp.
Oh, that I might spend my moments judiciously!
That I might grab Time by the collar as he slinks by and learn his tricks:

To make time where none exists; to crawl inside moments and live presently within them; to squeeze one more hour out of a day.

And to do so for things of meaning and great joy.

A lovely thing to ponder when I’m obsessing on ivory shoes and tissue paper flowers, no?


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