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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Thoughts Bombard…

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I was flipping through an old journal today and found a piece that I wrote what feels like a lifetime ago, when I was about to turn 24:

Thoughts bombard of the life unplanned, aimless
or worse yet, hopefully ambitious and poorly guided.
Time longs to slip by, to bring me to their graves uneventfully.
Occupied with mere distractions, they spin fruitlessly,
unaware of the joy within their grasp.
Oh, that I might spend my moments judiciously!
That I might grab Time by the collar as he slinks by and learn his tricks:

To make time where none exists; to crawl inside moments and live presently within them; to squeeze one more hour out of a day.

And to do so for things of meaning and great joy.

A lovely thing to ponder when I’m obsessing on ivory shoes and tissue paper flowers, no?


Looking everywhere, where have I been?

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The final pick. Whew!

I laughed when I realized that I posted four blogs in a week, and then went silent for almost a month. I seem to operate in fits and spurts at best.

I’d like to say I’ve been really busy and that lots of important things have kept me away from the computer, but the truth is that even thought I’ve had some free time, I’ve been trying to spend it away from my computer…

I’ve been reading a lot more (The Happiness Project was AWESOME! Sorry, Mom, I read it before I sent it to you for Mother’s Day! And I’ve finished almost the entire Agatha Christie series from the library), started a book club (actually a book gang – Los Loco Libros – “the crazy books” – my friends are hilarious!) and visited Beverly Hills, Palm Springs and Laguna Beach in separate road trips with Scottie. We’ve caught up on our Netflix queue (only 29 on our list! Send suggestions!) and cooked more meals at home in a save-for-the-wedding budget effort. Oh, and worked on planning a wedding without letting it take over our lives. It’s amazing the pressure to obsess about it!

We’re also planning a move (across the sidewalk to the next unit, but a move nonetheless) and my 30th Birthday Party (Game Night at our new place) 6 days after we get the keys. Also hoping to buy a grill from Craigslist in the meantime! So the blog has taken a back, back seat. Don’t think I don’t love you, I do.

I’ve also searched for every ivory or light gold shoe online, ordered most of them, snuck one in my purse to compare at DSW and returned them all (except one pair, of course!). We’ve debated whether we want a honeymoon or a new sofa more, and whether it’s ok to register for furniture (or a honeymoon! We’ve already combined two kitchens, we don’t need a crockpot). We’re dogsitting my best friend’s chihuahua for the rest of this week and my little neighbors love it (so does Scott – he said one day at the park, “I think I like watching dogs the way you like watching the babies.” :).

Scott’s mom will be in town this weekend for a little Mother’s Day love and she’s tagging along for a little wedding registry party (yes, I’ll pretend to want the crock pot as long as they’re serving free food and mimosas). Scott’s teaching a second architecture class and is in line to teach part of the Graduate program this summer (cross your fingers!). Ted and I are giving our first “Lunch & Learn” seminar May 27th and have decided on the topic for our book (Top Ten Ways to Generate Leads Online). I dragged Scott to a Sunday conference last weekend about selling yourself, and he walked away thrilled (I was really proud when he sounded like a seasoned networker in a room full of consultants!).

So life is good, trying to remain stress-free and just enjoy the process. Every night Scott and I look at each other and actually say out loud how lucky we are to have this (even if it’s a bit crazy) time in our lives. We’re appreciating every second, working hard, loving even more and trying to have a lot of fun doing it.

There’s the update. Promise not to wait so long next time!