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EVERYONE IS HAVING BABIES. Seriously, there’s a little mini-baby boom going on in the 30ish newlywed crowd we run with and it really is a great thing. It means that there will be little infants to drool over and babysit for in no time. I get to share all the baby & child-rearing tips I know with soon-to-be parents who weren’t lucky enough to have a dozen or so knee-high kids at every family function their entire life. I keep saying that I’m so glad to have babies to borrow soon!

It also means that parenting has been a frequent topic of conversation, both with friends and at home. It has been really great to compare ideas on who does it right, what we want to (someday! not soon!) avoid when it’s our turn. It’s also made me realize what a truly fantastic mom I have.

She would actually get down on the floor and do puzzles with me. She was never too busy to read me a book (even though she actually was). She never got so busy taking care of me that she forget to take care of me. Not to judge, but a lot of moms here in California seem so intent on making sure their kids eat organic and never know the taste of tap water than they’re a little out of energy for the playtime that I remember.

So thanks, all you pregnant friends, for making me stop for a second and remember what advice I really want to give you – be just exactly like my mom.


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  1. Kathy Lemmons

    You are so sweet. I love you. Mom

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