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So I’m Not a Writer After All…

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I realized I promised to write more often here, but it has been an amazing and busy month. I have:

  • Spent 5 of the past 6 days at two separate conferences for 10+ hours a day
  • Decided on (yet another) major career shift – twice
  • Picked a date and location for our wedding
  • Hired an assistant
  • Kept my normal life running all the while :)

The wedding details I’ll post once we confirm a few more things, but it’s been work that has had me by the horns mostly. It started because we have a client who needs to write a book. I was introduced to an expert ghostwriter (someone who crafts books based on someone else’s story who is too busy/not a writer) and I decided that I wanted to explore ghostwriting. That led to an official mentorship with this guy and attendance at his conference, Marketing With a Book, this past Saturday and Sunday.

Much of that event was aimed at telling all the authors in the room how to market their books, with some speakers talking about my area of expertise, online marketing. Of course, I couldn’t help but pipe up here and there with my opinions and advice. I got such a great response that many of the attendees want to hire my services and I was asked to be a speaker at the next iteration of the conference. Cool, no? But that short weekend also did something else – it made me realize that I don’t want to ghostwrite books for a living.

Turns out, I’m actually more of a communicator than a writer. The more I really examine my love for words, the more I realize that my burning passion is for teaching, rather than writing (as the absence of posts here attests). I had SUCH a great time sharing what I know in that room that I raced home and Ted & I decided that we’re going to start a seminar series to teach what we know. Yay! So I went from being an online marketer to a possible ghostwriter to a marketing educator in the span of about 2 days.Whew!

Thankfully, my new assistant Justine started work just in time to give me someone to lean on. She’s great and a lifesaver so far. She was chugging away at some client stuff when I packed up my conference bag again and headed to the Online Marketing Summit Tuesday morning. I had a great time meeting people and selling/ getting input on my new marketing educator spin. In fact, my head is spinning with all the conversations and education I got while I was there – three solid days with three tracks of learning going on simultaneously and marketers from all over the world. I literally met people from Norway, Australia, New Zealand, and all over Europe and of course the US. Their travel stories made me glad I only had to travel to a local hotel!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a LAZY weekend with friends and fun and no work. Just one more day of meetings and catch-up and I can relax! Although even my relaxing this weekend looks a little busy: Early dinner with my favorite neighbors tonight (Vietnamese Pho, yum!) then a CD release party for a good friend who’s been in the studio forever on this one. Saturday we’re accompanying the favorite neighbors and their dog-obsessed children to the local dog show – I think their heads might explode. Scott’s too, as he’s been dying to get a dog lately. Sunday is brunch with a good friend we haven’t seen in ages, then the monthly 30th on 30th (well, it will be the 28th on 30th street, but no one’s worried about that) for a repeat of last month’s progressive dinner and a one-month (almost) toast to our getting engaged.

I think that should put me in the mood to get back to work on Monday, don’t you?


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