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An Engagement Story

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Anyone who’s talked to me in the last few weeks months knows that I’ve been so excited about the likelihood of a certain question from a certain guy.

The “serious conversations” started in early 2009, and on a lovely morning in July when he played hooky from work to take me to breakfast, he asked my ring size. Eek! I was so excited! Was it ready at the shop, just waiting to be sized? Or was this the first thought in a longer process? My imagination ran wild.

And the waiting began. Waiting. Patiently As patiently as I could. Trying not to ask leading questions. After a few weeks, I decided that it would probably be a while and focused on other things, like Scott moving in, new businesses and business partners.

But as the holidays rolled around, I knew that I was going to go out-of-control crazy with the excitement – I mentioned that if it wasn’t going to be a “very special Christmas” that he might want to let me know, so that I wouldn’t actually go crazy with the waiting. He said he had nothing to tell me and I hopped around like a little bird, excited that the wait was almost over.

We flew to my parents’ on Christmas Day, and as we went through airport security, Scott asked me to go in the next line, “to see which one was faster.” At first I resisted but then clued in – there’s a ring in his pocket!- and went my own way. Hilariously, my bag was the one turned inside out and searched. I’m sure that’s what he had been worried about when he got me out of view.

Anyway, that put me over the edge – I knew he had it with him and it was only a matter of time. Christmas Day went by. New Year’s Eve. A romantic lunch at the  Modern Art Museum. Dinner out just the two of us. Nothing. Patience is not one of my virtues, not by a long shot, and after we’d been back home for a week I finally broke down and accused him of enjoying this painful torture. I’m pretty sure I used those words. And he started laughing, laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes. Turns out there had been a little mishap with the ring, and it had to be repaired – he was waiting, just like me.

January 30th rolled around, and we decided to take part in the first 30th on 30th small bites restaurant crawl, and our friends and neighbors Chris and Alex joined us at Urban Solace, with their two boys. I was so busy having fun I forgot to be hopeful. The evening went on and found us home on the back patio under the fairy lights drinking Pinot at my little red cafe table. He stood up, pulled me close, and started to drop to one knee. I instinctively pulled him back up and said, “You don’t have to do that – we’re equals!” Not what I had planned, it just came out.

Anyway, he asked, I said yes. He designed the ring himself and said that it represented us, “separate but one.” Pure poetry, if you ask me. I am so, so happy.

The end. Or the Beginning, I suppose :)


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  1. Oh this makes me so happy!

    And Oh. My. GAH, that RING! Love it.

  2. Beautiful post, I am so happy for you! Congratulations to you and Scott! :-)

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