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What was the dumbest thing that you used to believe in?

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One of my very favorite thinkers and philosophers (Seth Godin) was interviewed by another favorite thinker & philosopher (Danielle LaPorte) here.

One answer caught my eye in particular. Danielle asked, “What was the dumbest thing that you used to believe in?”

His answer?


That some people got what they deserved. That someone deserved to be taught a lesson at my expense. That bad luck hurts people who deserve better.

What’s true: Stuff happens. We dance with it. The better and happier you dance, the better you do. And every minute you spend teaching people a lesson is a minute wasted forever.  – Seth Godin


Let it go, leave any blame, dance with what comes your way & turn it all into the next step forward. Great advice, I think.


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  1. I *heart* Seth Godin. He is the master of great sound bites.

    I used to believe that I was in complete control of my destiny. That was stressful to have the weight of the world on my shoulders. This year I made a promise to trust the universe more, “dance with what comes my way” and say yes more than I say no. So far, it’s been so much fun. And so many doors have opened up. It’s a great way to live! Thanks for the post, my friend.

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