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It’s Intern Time!

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Oh yeah, we hired an intern. He’s been a total lifesaver as we try to build business number 3! First it was just content – writing the words for your blog or website, but you figure out the technology. Then came simple websites in case you didn’t have a website to start with (or hated the one you had). Now it’s on to online marketing and search engine optimizationof your lovely content on your lovely website that we created. They all go hand in hand, and we felt like we needed three separate websites to talk about what we do.

Update: Those three separate websites (and the separate email addresses and business cards…) just about drove us crazy, so as of March 23, 2010, we are now back to just Better Way to Say It, but the new & improved version that does websites and SEO stuff too – JML

Bring in Quito, the intern we love, referred by a great friend. He is saving the day. Just having to explain what we’re doing to someone other than ourselves has given us huge clarity. So we’re thrilled, busy, trying keep our heads above water as the referrals keep coming. It looks like we might have everything under control (using the term loosely) in February. It’s been a crazy 2010 so far!

That’s the big picture. The little one has been designing new business cards and a new website, trying to squeeze in yoga, adjusting to using a yoga ball as a chair (it really works!), catching up on sleep – no alarm clocks, yay! – and trying to stay dry in a bit of a wet spell. The storm isn’t anything like what I was used to in Dallas, but man, does it have San Diego worked up! I heard the word tornado today and laughed out loud. Life is good, if uneventful. Happy Wednesday!


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