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Dear futon,
I’m sorry, but you are just not a good enough work desk. You’re being replaced by my desk and a yoga ball as a chair!

Dear Patience,
Please, please come visit me in abundance. I need it!

Dear Apple,
Love the phone, but your headset is driving me crazy!

Dear Vicky,
Thanks for inviting such cool friends to girls’ night – I forget what a lovely group of women I have around me!

Dear new sneakers,
Thanks for being cool enough to get me out of bed for walks with jocelyn. I need all the help I can get!

Dear old sneakers,
We had a good run, no pun intended. You should have hit retirement years ago. Sorry for keeping you on the chain gang so long!

Dear Netflix,
More Instant Play, please! I’d love to be watching West Wing archives without Chinese subtitles :)

Credit: I just love the Little Letters series on the Rockstar Diaries blog… so much so that I’m borrowing her format. Check out her site for monster creativity (especially behind the camera)!


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