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Little Goals 2010

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I’m not much for sweeping resolutions, but thought I could at least muster some small goals…
  • this year, i will cook everything that comes in my CSA box or give it away – no more big trips to the compost bin
  • this year, i will dress every day in real clothes, even if i don’t make it past the mailbox
  • this year, i will not let any of my prepaid yoga classes expire
  • this year, i won’t cancel my morning walks with jocelyn because i’m feeling lazy
  • this year, i will write more thank you notes (starting now!)
  • this year, i will be a more focused driver, impressing everyone with my blinker skills and no missed exits
  • this year, i will get up and out of bed the first time the alarm clock goes off
  • this year, i will update my blog more often!
what little goals will you accomplish this year?
(inspired and borrowed heavily from Taza at Rockstar Diaries)

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