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Yes, I know I haven’t told you any good stories lately… things have been happening, but they’re probably only exciting to me:

  • Scott and I helped our photographer pal Vicky add to her portfolio by posing for some super-cute pics in the park. We played tag, jumped off stumps and generally had a great time. Actual photos coming soon!
  • I’ve fallen in love with My Yoga Online – $10/month for a pass to their library of hundreds of yoga & pilates videos. Laptop at the end of my mat, and I’m back in my yoga groove.
  • We’ve finally got the house set up just the way we want it – I love the uses we found for the Ikea Expedit bookshelves; one is our “dresser” in the bedroom, and two more are bookshelves and TV stand in the living room. If either of us ever moves out of the “home office” mode, they can easily be reused in our offices. And at $169, it’s hard to find a quality replacement that holds so much and can be moved so easily (I relocated one from Scott’s old place to ours and reassembled in about an hour, including drive time!)
  • Ikea "dresser"

    Living Room bookcases

And before you go, you have to watch this hilarious hidden camera prank with Dennis Quaid:


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