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As far as I’m concerned, Vicky Eydelberg is a photography god. Scott wasn’t exactly excited about the prospect of a whole afternoon of picture-taking, and yet we got these amazing shots! If you need any pictures, from weddings, to headshots to work photos, call her!

More from our shoot at:


World’s Cutest Kid Makes a Skunk Trap

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(His “assistant” is pretty cute too, if you ask me). What on earth they’re going to do when they catch one, I have NO idea. That doesn’t stop them both from checking first thing every morning.

They mixed a precise blend of dirt & water to make what the little guy kept calling “skunk cement”. Right now the “bait” is broccoli and cranberries. I’m not sure which of them had more fun. I love these boys…

In other small news

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Yes, I know I haven’t told you any good stories lately… things have been happening, but they’re probably only exciting to me:

  • Scott and I helped our photographer pal Vicky add to her portfolio by posing for some super-cute pics in the park. We played tag, jumped off stumps and generally had a great time. Actual photos coming soon!
  • I’ve fallen in love with My Yoga Online – $10/month for a pass to their library of hundreds of yoga & pilates videos. Laptop at the end of my mat, and I’m back in my yoga groove.
  • We’ve finally got the house set up just the way we want it – I love the uses we found for the Ikea Expedit bookshelves; one is our “dresser” in the bedroom, and two more are bookshelves and TV stand in the living room. If either of us ever moves out of the “home office” mode, they can easily be reused in our offices. And at $169, it’s hard to find a quality replacement that holds so much and can be moved so easily (I relocated one from Scott’s old place to ours and reassembled in about an hour, including drive time!)
  • Ikea "dresser"

    Living Room bookcases

And before you go, you have to watch this hilarious hidden camera prank with Dennis Quaid:

Fierce at 50

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This has to be one of my favorite posts in a while, on advice from your 50-year-old future. My favorite lines?

“Follow fads. Dress as far on the edge as you are comfortable. By the time you are 50 if you dress on the edge people will automatically assume you are either an art gallery owner or a homeless person.”


“And it will means that by 50 you will be spared the closed lip look of a woman who doesn’t like what she sees. Avoid pursed lips.”

All of us still on the south side of 50 should take a good look. Thanks to Amid Life of Privilege for the post!

The Fun Theory

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I’m love, love, love these experiments that VW is doing to see if making “chores” (like taking the stairs, or recycling) more fun can change behavior – they call it The Fun Theory. Take a few minutes and check out these videos (completely worth your time :)

Brilliant Thought of the Day

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And it wasn’t mine :) Via The Happiness Project

“For me, the opposite of happy isn’t “sad,” it’s “anxious.”  – Liz Gumbinner

Simple, simple truth that makes you rethink how you pursue “happy”…

The Journey You’re On

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Deep thought of the day:

There’s the journey you think you’re on and the one you’re actually walking. The key to happiness lies in making them converge.