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Good Like Kung Fu

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glkf-iconHmm, I think it was about two months ago when I said I’d tell you about my new second business tomorrow… Blame the two businesses on the time lapse, I suppose.

So I was due to tell you about Good Like Kung Fu ages ago and have not. So let me proudly introduce the first truly-inexpensive web design firm (less than a thousand dollars!) that will give away instructions for everything they do (seriously! We made a guide!).

Update: Our three separate websites (and the separate email addresses and business cards…) just about drove us crazy, so as of March 23, 2010, we are now back to just Better Way to Say It, but the new & improved version that does websites and SEO stuff too – JML

Ok, any more will sound like shameless promotion, but I do want to tell you how we got our name… My business partner Ted and I had been tossing around a bunch of (boring) possibilities when my neighbor came downstairs to tell me yet another cute story about her 4-year-old son that I just adore. Not for his angelic cuteness, necessarily, but more for his ability to dance around singing inappropriate songs with his four-year-old lisp anytime a camera is rolling. This kid will be in movies someday, no doubt. Picture a 3-foot-tall Chris Farley.

Anyway, he was enjoying what must have been the best pizza to cross his lips, judging from the look on his tomato-smeared face, when he looked up and sent his compliments to the chef (Pizzeria Luigi), declaring, “This pizza is GOOD LIKE KUNG FU!” His (anti-violence, no-swordplay-even-with-a-stick) mom turned to him and said, “Do you even know what Kung Fu is?” He didn’t, of course, but that didn’t stop the phrase from becoming our favorite “best-of-the-best” compliment for just about anything. Simple goodness, my friends, that’s what we’re going for here. And now it graces our business cards and the story gets told in countless business meetings. A little slice of pizza stands in our logo as a reminder of the Pizza that Started it All…

little brown squirrel

The Little Brown Squirrel