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It shouldn’t be this hard

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Sometimes it’s all I can do to hold in my frustration that it’s not easier to run (two) small businesses. And I don’t mean the parts people pay you for, the skill or talent that you bring in return for dollars.

No, I’m talking about determining a business entity, trying to understand the self-employment tax, estimated quarterly payments, partnerships, owning multiple businesses. Oh, and then there’s trying to figure out individual health insurance now that all the benefits of group insurance are gone.

It’s scary. And frustrating. And I really believe that it’s part of the reason so many small businesses fail. I believe I could hire a couple new team members – create a few new jobs, which is what this economy needs, right? But there’s one main reason I’m not: it complicates the already tangled mess of government requirements.

Now, I don’t have any idea how to solve any of this. Every change you could suggest probably has dozens of ramifications I can’t predict. And I don’t want a free ride or to win by someone else losing.

All I know is that it shouldn’t be this hard. The work you do should be the challenging part.

Ok, rant over. Back to work :)


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