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Just Look at that Sky

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Jenny & Scott at hotel Del

Not even a little Photoshop’d. We took my mom to the Hotel Del on Sunday for lemmonade and some beach time, and she was kind enough to snap this shot after Scott got ours.


Just as I Planned…

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Symphony at Salk 2009

Symphony at Salk 2009

Mom & I had a wonderful weekend. Basically exactly as I described, once she finally got here. (Stuck for 6 hours at DFW in a crazy lightening storm!)

She managed to make it home with everything except her phone charger (well, except me – I think she’d try and slip me in her luggage if I’d let her!) so I’d call that a success.

High point of the trip? Easily Symphony at Salk, a swanky affair involving high heels for the first time in ages. That massage the next day was much appreciated! (BTW, if you’re in San Diego, I highly recommend The Hidden Spa).

It was wonderful. I’m sad to see her go!

Favorite line of the day…

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Courtesy of Kyran:

“Like the power of audacity, how the universe inclines itself toward daring like a satellite dish toward a clear and strong signal.”

I can’t wait for her book…

Guess What?

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My mom - isn't she pretty?

My mom - isn't she pretty?

My mom’s coming to visit tomorrow, for four whole days. She’s never been to California (London & Hawaii but never out west!) and I can’t wait to show her around.

We’re even having extra-fantastic weather (high for the trip = 74 degrees) which will feel like practically winter to her Texas-acclimated skin. Bring a sweater, mom!

So I’ve been working through my checklist this week: House cleaned, tippy-top to bottom? Check! (Even under the bed! In the closets! Yowzers I’m tired!)… Refrigerator full of her favorites? Check!… Laundry done, clean (ironed!) sheets on the bed? Check! Car cleaned out and ominous tire-with-an-embedded-screw replaced? Check!… Reservations made for dinner? check! (By the way, I’m the type-A clean-freak, not her. She couldn’t care less, as long as there’s a pillow!)

So here’s our plan: She lands Friday at 11am, which is 1pm her time, so it will be off to lunch. Then to my house to drop off suitcases and relax. Then Scott is going to give us a quick tour of the building in progress he’s working on. Later it’s drinks at The Glass Door, for my favorite sunset view of the bay, and then seafood (her favorite) at Bay Park Fish Company.

Saturday we’re going to Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma for some spectacular views and a little history (first Europeans to the West Coast landed here in 1542! A lighthouse!). Then it’s off to get all gussied up for the 14th annual Symphony at the Salk. (Thanks again to a very generous boyfriend who gave up his spot so mom & I can enjoy!).

Sunday is brunch and then massages and peppermint foot scrubs at The Hidden Spa (yum! I can’t wait!) and then maybe a ferry ride across the bay for a tour of the historic Hotel Del Coronado.

Monday my good friends Karen & Bernie and their toddler are in town from Texas as well, and we’re going to meet up with them – maybe to the San Diego Zoo, Balboa park, or the beach… Who knows!

And then I have to say goodbye. So sad. But I’ll be back home in October…

Hurry up Friday!

My new list

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I love this set of instructions from Russel Davies on How to Be Interesting… I know I won’t do all of them well, but I’d like to try… check out the link for great explanations of his reasons for choosing these. Hat tip to Ben Casnocha for the find.

1. Take at least one picture everyday. Post it to flickr.

2. Start a blog. Write at least one sentence every week.

3. Keep a scrapbook

4. Every week, read a magazine you’ve never read before

5. Once a month interview someone for 20 minutes, work out how to make them interesting. Podcast it.

6. Collect something

7. Once a week sit in a coffee-shop or cafe for an hour and listen to other people’s conversations. Take notes. Blog about it. (Carefully)

8. Every month write 50 words about one piece of visual art, one piece of writing, one piece of music and one piece of film or TV. Do other art forms if you can. Blog about it

9. Make something

10. Read

If You Want to Build a Ship…

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“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the people to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders.

Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

– Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Sometimes I feel like marketing is just another profession, a job. Other days I get to show people the vast and endless sea.

I’m extraordinarily lucky to love what I do this much. It’s really about connecting people with meaningful things in their lives. I just had a long talk with my business partner about a couple clients we’ve walked away from in the last few weeks, because we couldn’t see their passion, or because we knew they were faking it.

There’s nothing uglier than people trying to sell what they don’t believe in – or even what they’re not sure of. If you can’t say with conviction,”this thing I’m selling is worth the time I’m spending away from my family to sell it to you; it’s worth the dollars you’ve earned and the time you could have spent elsewhere” then you need to go home and start over.

Because somewhere there’s something you believe in that much. Find it, do it, breathe it. Life (& work) is infinitely more enjoyable when you do.

It shouldn’t be this hard

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Sometimes it’s all I can do to hold in my frustration that it’s not easier to run (two) small businesses. And I don’t mean the parts people pay you for, the skill or talent that you bring in return for dollars.

No, I’m talking about determining a business entity, trying to understand the self-employment tax, estimated quarterly payments, partnerships, owning multiple businesses. Oh, and then there’s trying to figure out individual health insurance now that all the benefits of group insurance are gone.

It’s scary. And frustrating. And I really believe that it’s part of the reason so many small businesses fail. I believe I could hire a couple new team members – create a few new jobs, which is what this economy needs, right? But there’s one main reason I’m not: it complicates the already tangled mess of government requirements.

Now, I don’t have any idea how to solve any of this. Every change you could suggest probably has dozens of ramifications I can’t predict. And I don’t want a free ride or to win by someone else losing.

All I know is that it shouldn’t be this hard. The work you do should be the challenging part.

Ok, rant over. Back to work :)