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“Empathizing is about spontaneously and naturally tuning in to the other person’s thoughts and feelings. A natural empathizer not only notices others’ feelings but also continually thinks about what the other person might be feeling, thinking, or intending.”

I’ve known for some time that I fall heavily (off the scale, perhaps?) in the empathizer camp, and it’s one of the reasons I’m drawn to marketing/communication/getting inside your head as a career. The last line hit home, as I am constantly taking inventory of the thoughts/ feelings of the people around me. I think it’s one of the reasons I find it hard to be extremely close to many friends at once, because it takes so much energy to constantly monitor their mood. Perhaps I should make an effort to tone down the temperature-taking to increase my social circle…

From the book Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters by Alan Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa – thanks to Ben Casnocha for the highlights


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  1. Hello.

    Just wanted to reach out and say hi. Love your blog and passion for Happiness Projects!

    I’m helping Gretchen Rubin get local Happiness Project Groups started around the world and thought I’d reach out to see if that’s something you’d like to do.

    We have a Facebook page for leaders of Happiness Project Groups around the world, so if you’d like to connect with them and get some ideas, feel free to join us!



  2. Um, HELLO! Had no idea you had a blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! You are precious!

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