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Take Only What You Need

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I use a great program called FireFTP for sharing large files with my clients. The tool is free, and today when I opened it a donation page came up, requesting a contribution if I found the tool useful. (Cool sidebar – the author uses the proceeds to support his summer work volunteering with Sarajevo orphans).

What I really liked was his alternatives to donating, especially the last:

Suggestions on different ways of being awesome:
Volunteer. Somewhere. Anywhere.
Take what you’re passionate about and see how you can also make it beneficial to your community.
If you own a business, donate proceeds to green energy or charity or something beneficial.
Support local businesses and encourage them to do the above.
Buy locally grown food and get a reusable bag.
Ride your bike instead of taking your car.
Go hang out with your kids more.
Go hang out with your parents more.
Take only what you need, not what you can get.

Good advice all. The world could use a few more that think like this.


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