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Grace in Small Things: 5 of 365

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*Not the actual Volvo of #4

*Not the actual Volvo of #4

1. A car battery that starts – it’s amazing what you can take for granted until it disappears

2. Personal referrals: if you know someone who is great at what they do, tell three people this week. You never know what might come of it; a neighbor of mine just connected me with a whole web of great people with one conversation.

3. TV on the internet: I never have to miss a show I love, but it’s a half-step farther away than a remote control, and that changes everything. It’s harder to look up and see you’ve wasted half a day watching TV when you have to keep clicking to the next episode…

4. Used Volvos. Namely the one that my Him has purchased so we are no longer a one-car-couple. Not that I ever minded carpooling (after all, it made me a 1/2-car user, in a way), but I look forward to getting picked up for a date soon!

5. People who honor the stories in life. Like the neighbor of mine who just traded a used Volvo (see #4) for a surfboard, because he promised never to sell it. Or the Brazilian guy who passionately relayed the genealogy of surfboard-craftsmen who led up to the creation of this very special surfboard.


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