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Volunteer Vacations or HumaniTourism

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RoadMonkey: Volunteering meets Adventure

RoadMonkey: Volunteering meets Adventure

I got a link in my inbox today that sent me reeling – I am so excited about what RoadMonkey is doing. Small groups of people taking amazing adventure trips to areas of the world that need great help. Volunteering on vacation.

Their next trip involves climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro, and painting an orphanage in Tanzania. If it weren’t a only couple months away I’d be packing my bags. Their trips remind me of my volunteer journey to Russia, and all the college trips we took to help out those who needed a couple dozen hard-working kids to paint something or man the charity yard sale.

We had some amazing times, probably the best times of that era. I loved the camaraderie that came with working shoulder-to-shoulder with friends for a good cause. It really is the best vacation you can imagine, even though it’s hard to believe at first. You work hard, you play hard, and you just feel good about what you’re doing. Not to mention the other people who choose to spend their free time there are usually pretty cool. Some great friendships form over hard labor, let me tell you.

Can’t wait for the chance to tag along…


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