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The Secret is Non-Attachment

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Pema ChodronAs I’ve mentioned before, Pema Chodron is one of my very favorite thinkers, a philosopher with a great sense of humor and a gentle but tough way of reminding us to get out of our own heads.

I was searching through files and found the first article of hers that I stumbled upon, and it’s as good as it was the first time. She talks about shenpa, the feeling of being hooked, the emotions we struggle with even when we know we should just back down.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did: Pema’s article on Shenpa

Excerpt from the article: “I recently saw a cartoon of three fish swimming around a hook. One fish is saying to the other, “The secret is non-attachment.” That’s a shenpa cartoon: the secret is—don’t bite that hook. If we can catch ourselves at that place where the urge to bite is strong, we can at least get a bigger perspective on what’s happening. As we practice this way, we gain confidence in our own wisdom. It begins to guide us toward the fundamental aspect of our being—spaciousness, warmth and spontaneity.”


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  1. Natalie Ritter

    Comfortable with Uncertainty arrived at my library earlier this week. I have a few flights coming up and I’m looking forward to sitting in the airport what Pema has to impart about cultivating fearlessness and compassion. I’m especially intrigued that she links the two concepts.

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