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My Reading List (or Avoiding Something I Love)

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My Reading List

My Reading List

Faced with a stack of unread books and the prospect of a fairly open weekend, I decided that I would spend some time whittling a few off the stack. Then I had an unsettling realization – I want to be done with these books, but I don’t particularly want to read them. Those of you that know me well probably re-read that line – Jenny doesn’t want to read?  – but it’s true, I have been dodging this pile for weeks.

For a moment I (sadly) pondered the idea that I had outgrown my love of (addiction to?) reading that had characterized me as a child. (To this day, if you asked a family member of mine to draw a cartoon of me, my nose would be in a book, I have no doubt.) Had I gotten lazy? Had the internet stolen my ability to focus on anything longer than a blog post? Were other things simply more important to me? I quivered at the idea.

But I think I diagnosed the real problem: closer inspection of the stack revealed a good dose of things I think I should read and none that I had chosen for fun. At least ten Fourteen of them have something to do with my new business, from learning PHP and MSQL for website design, to surviving as a freelancer, to the latest and greatest ideas in marketing. The others are mostly deep-thinking non-fiction: philosophy, poetry translations, and a history of discoverers. The one piece of fiction on the pile is Portrait of a Lady by Henry James, who isn’t exactly light either. Whew! Just reading the titles made me tired!

Is it any wonder that last night I picked up Barrie’s Peter Pan, just for fun? Despite the stack, I think a trip to the library just might be in order this weekend…

Hope your shelves are filled with things you can’t wait to read and a free hour finds you soon.


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