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so nice to see you! It has been a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve been a bit busy, what with starting my business and keeping my day job spinning along as well. The day job that drives me nuts. The one that challenges my Happiness Manifesto in oh, about 11 ways. Since this is a public forum I will keep those specifics to myself, but we’ll just say that it’s not a good fit.

So, it finally got to be too much last week, and today (after much sleeping-on-it and etc.) I suggested to my boss that we all might be a bit happier with a few changes. Ones that didn’t involve me working there, at least not all day, every day (hey, I’ll take clients where I can find them…).

We’ll see what they say to that one… either way, I feel lighter already.

I came home after the meeting, a bit early for the day, to be entertained by my favorite neighbors and their lovely au pair Jackie. We went for a walk in our lovely neighborhood, ate sourgrass (picked from a pee-free spot), tossed rocks into the canyon, and had heart-shaped ravioli and broccolini. How lucky am I?


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  1. Hang in there Jenny. Trust your gut, follow your heart, and count your blessings. Godspeed.

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