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Happiness in Small Bites

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Highlights of the last week or so:

  • Taught myself just enough of a coding language to fix a bad layout on our company website without help
  • Posted a fairly technical blog piece for work that got a “well done” from a respected colleague
  • Had lunch with some extended coworkers (those I don’t see daily) and finally felt like one of the team
  • Pulled off a lovely little dinner gathering and introduced new friends to each other
  • Spent last Sunday afternoon with S.’s killer pancakes, the NYT, and later an afternoon watching kids roll down the hill at the park.
  • Got to know a drive by friend (the ones you see only when your paths happen to cross) better with over lunch
  • Signed my first contract for my writing business
  • Had dinner on the San Diego bay with a breathtaking view of downtown
  • Picked the hard yoga class tonight (firefly pose, anyone?), and jogged to and from class
  • Finished (almost) my taxes (yes, this is  a highlight, because I can spend all of February/March/April gloating)
  • Indulged in the best pizza Little Italy has to offer (love you Mona Lisa... Filippi’s has nothing on you!)
  • Spent most of today getting a bit of a sunburn with S. outside my favorite coffee shop, reading Henry James and watching kids, dogs, and other happy people.

I know this isn’t my usual blog post, but this blog is about happiness, and these are what worked for me. May your next week be as full and joyful.


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