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I haven’t seen my other half in almost a week. By choice. We’re in a self-imposed exile (my idea) because we’ve basically been breathing the same air for about a month, and I thought it would be good for us to think, “I wonder what he/she’s doing right now” without being able to look up and answer the question.

I really do think absence makes the heart grow fonder (which I why I had this stupid idea) but — aha moment! — it’s the end of the absence that’s fun, not the part in the middle. Yes, I had a lovely, lively dinner with the girls here at my house last night, I’m all caught up on sleep and laundry and blogging, had some yoga and a good soak. Still not sure I like my idea.

This post started with a rather abstract discussion of whether fooling your brain for your own good made any sense at all if personal authenticity is one of your main tenets, but I decided it was time to open up a bit. I’m trying, really hard, to throw off the resumĂ© persona and just write, worrying less about the audience and just talking.

PS – Sunday in San Diego it’s supposed to be 74 degrees. When this weekend gets here, I will surely have a song to sing.


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