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Yoga was the best part of my day. Except the part where the instructor asked (after class) if this was my first time. I think that was the universe telling me that once a month does not constitute yoga “practice.”

Self-judgement aside, I was once again amazed at how very far I can get away from myself. Yoga (or any extended focus on being “in the moment”) will bring you back so fast, wondering just where you’ve been. Perspective is my daily challenge, keeping my mind on what really matters; realizing that work is just a job, until the point you don’t have one, when it becomes a lifeline.

There is nothing like an hour alone with yourself to bring perspective back. Whether you prefer yoga or just a long walk, spend 20 minutes today just staying, thinking about breathing and your intentions for your day, not making lists or planning dinner. The rewards will surprise you.


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