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Where’s that channel-buster when you need it?

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My brain is so full of to-do lists and holiday planning and getting-there-on-time that I am completely word-blocked. I’m full of business plans and gift ideas and haven’t even found the words for it all yet. Which is funny, because the entire point of my new marketing & content development (read: writing) company is to help people unstick that logjam that is being too close to the subject.

So let’s see if I can bust through this one. I’ll start with my big, possibly disasterous, idea for the holidays.

Background: I have a family member, B, who is in his first year of college. “Wanderer” is the kindest description of his current ambitions. He’s one of those kids that life may knock around a bit before he gets his act in gear. He has yet to find anything to inspire him to action.

He does, however, have a kind and generous heart, and a strong sense of social justice. I really believe that if he could see some of the suffering in the world, he might find something worth expending some energy for. So I’m considering sending him on a “volunteer vacation” next summer. A foreign trip where he could meet some new, action and volunteer-minded friends, and see a bit of the world outside his little suburb. A week or so of hard work for a good cause.

Then again, he is a teenage boy. He has proven that sometimes thinking about consequences comes right after getting caught. I do not want to be the one responsible for his parents having to bail him out of an international jail for some juvenile hijinks that the police didn’t see as funny.

I’d love to hear thoughts or suggestions on this one… Am I loopy, or could I change his life with a few frequent-flier miles?


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  1. USMC ;)
    Bonus, boot camp is in San Diego ;)

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