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There are no shortcuts

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Period. There is no shortcut to losing weight. No shortcut to raising decent children. No shortcut to learning new technologies. No shortcut to getting new products or ideas in the right hands.

It all takes continuous, genuine effort. The Web has sped up interactions and learning in a lot of ways, but it has also made identifying cheaters easier. What I mean is, it may be simpler now than ever to research a topic and learn new things, but it’s also infinitely easier to identify plagerizers and scammers. If you want to contribute genuine knowledge to the world, you still have to learn the material, assimilate the data, think innovative thoughts, and work hard to communicate them. None of which is easy.

And social web 2.0 sites like Facebook and Linkedin may make it easier to “meet” people or find old “friends”, but if you use those networks to plug a product (or yourself) too hard, you may find those “friendships” going stale. There’s no shortcut to real relationships, either.

Today ends my first week of my new job as director of marketing for a web security software company, and my brain is full. I’m learning new technology, in a new industry, speaking to a different audience, among different colleagues, in a different city. And there is no shortcut for any of the assimilation.
Not that I mind – it’s a terrific challenge brimming with opportunity, and one I think I am well-suited to conquor. There’s just a bit of overload going on, and companies always want to see the marketing team make sparks fly about a week after they’re hired.

So I have about a day to find the matches. Let’s just hope I don’t set my hair on fire in the process!

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. Beverly Sills


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  1. If anyone can start a fire with or without matches, it’s you Jenny. And it’s been my observation that you are always running around like your hair is on fire! Drop me a line if I can help. t

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