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Put the book (or blog) down!

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I have spent the last few hours last full week reading, reading, reading. Poetry, magazines, news sites, rabbit holes of link after link after link; I read one author’s entire archived blog (more on her amazingness on another post). As I read I kept stumbling across brilliant thoughts and poems so good I wished I had written them.

Then a big realization hit me – I might have actually written such things, if I had been thinking my own thoughts, exploring my own ideas, and writing. It may seem obvious that someone who wants to write should pick up her pen now and again, but perhaps I’ve been just hoping that if I put enough good stuff in, a poem or great post would just appear. Alas, it would appear that I need to invest some effort in these endeavors to get the results. Sigh.

An old boss once told me that some days are for laying the foundation for creativity, and some days are for being creative. For me, reading is a major part of my foundation building, but the real work comes when I pick up the pen. And I think I’m ready for a creative day or two. I think it’s time to think my own thoughts for a bit, and pick up the pen.


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  1. Hey Jenny

    You’ll never regret time spent building that foundation. Nobody buys a house built on sand! Read away.

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