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The Year of Jen

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I knew, when the clock struck midnight on the first moment of this year, it would be a good one. I went so far as to declare it “The Year of Jen” (having been preceded in our circle by “The Year of Greg,” and “The Year of Adam,” I believe). 2008 had it in store for me. 2007 held a few learning experiences that, while I wouldn’t trade the lessons for anything, I was glad to have over.

There was the hellish demise of a long relationship that had gone from sublime to wickedly destructive in the span of a few years.There was the career path that left few hours (or kicking brain cells) for things I loved like friends, good books, and writing. There was a couple months of unemployment after kicking said career to the curb with no prospects – months spent trying to define my worth on paper and rewrite a resume that was almost five years untouched. It was a challenging year. But 2008 held promise. I had rebuilt old friendships neglected in the firestorm of the first part of the year. There was a new job starting January 2nd. I was single and well-adjusted and completely content. The holidays had consisted of being hugged and encouraged by all manner of family and friends. Karma owed me one, and 2008 was it.

I’m happy to say karma is holding up its end of the bargain.


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