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Monthly Archives: August 2008

The Disordered Life

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Today is moving day, and chaos surrounds me. I’ve spent a lot of time these last few weeks planning, organizing, (yes, even diagramming of the inside of the moving truck), but there is no amount of planning that can take the messy out of moving. And recently I got a reminder from my favorite blog to just enjoy the process. Sometimes I forget that the messy parts of life can be the most fun, and the most memorable. So I’m consciously taking it all in, taking mental photos of these moments in time that will only happen once, and trying to have fun with it. Chaos and all.


Delight the World

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Tonight’s cup of tea came tagged with a message that I loved:

Delight the world with kindness, grace, and compassion.

May we each find the kindness, grace, and compassion to delight the world this day.

You’re Not Really on Vacation Until You Get Bored

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I have a philosophy about vacations, and down time in general: the very best stuff happens when you’ve settled in, switched to “vacation time,” and realized that you have nothing to do. No bills, no email, no errands. It’s not until boredom sets in that your inner creativity is forced to devise something clever rather than looking outside for entertainment. It’s the time when the best family stories (myths? legends?) come out. Someone usually says, “What do you think would happen if…” and the fun really gets going.

I was lucky enough to spend my childhood vacations at some of the most gorgeous lakes in the country. Sleeping in the hammock, skipping rocks, learning which birds make what sounds right at sunset. Since before my generation was born, the Lemmons clan has been cruising behind boats on water skis. At some point they got bored with just hanging on to the rope and decided to try something new.

All these years later, we’re still at it:

Take the time to get bored. Let your kids get bored. Leave the laptop at home and find a few days to do nothing. The sleeping creativity will awaken and color all the days after you return. Here’s to summer.