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If You Want to Succeed Faster, Fail Faster

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One of the labels that’s been tacked on to me in the past, usually by someone trying to talk me into slowing down, is that I live my life on fast forward. I make decisions quickly, act with swift efficiency, and move into major change more rapidly than most. And (like most people) I’m not always right, so sometimes these choices don’t result in the success I had hoped.

But something deep inside me knows that this method works for me, and has brought me more joy than sadness, more opportunity than frustration, and that I’ll have some great stories to tell when I’m old. So when I ran across the phrase, “If you want to succeed faster, fail faster,” something inside me resonated with the sentiment.

I think we find happiness by process of elimination, rather than looking at all the beauty and opportunity in the world and selecting our perfect life. We know which career we’d like to have because of the jobs we quit. We learn about our ideal spouse from all those dates that didn’t go anywhere. We have to try things on and shed them to know where we want to go next. So being willing to fail often is actually a mechanism for finding your perfect life more quickly.

The more I think about it, the more I realize this blog is not just about seeking happiness, but about taking calculated risks and making hard choices in pursuit of the happiness payoff.


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