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Technology makes me happy.

Reason #5007: You’re sitting at your computer thinking, “Oh, look, a new post on But wait, I thought Jenny was supposed to be rafting Royal Gorge right now.” And you know what? I am! But I know how much you look forward to my little notes, so I thought I’d leave you one to find later, a bit like your mom sliding those cards in your lunch bag. And WordPress was nice enough to wait and give it to you just when I wanted. See, isn’t technology cool?

And while I’m on the subject, I Love Technology, Reason #5008: It’s a super-simple way to use your phone like a pen and paper when you don’t have any handy. You just dial a toll-free number, tell it who you want to JOTT (I mostly just JOTT myself, but you can send them to anyone), and start talking. Your message is transcribed and lands in your email inbox within 5 minutes. So all the times I think of a really great note to leave you, but I’m driving or otherwise engaged, I just pick up my phone, JOTT my idea, and it’s waiting for me by the time I sit down to type.

I especially like their tagline: Get Simple Back. Who couldn’t use a little more simple?

There’s a whole bunch of other neat features I’ll let you find yourself, so you can feel like you discovered something new, too. Oh, and it’s free. No, they didn’t ask me to tell you, I just thought you might like to know. Enjoy!


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  1. very cool Jenny. Now I can read your blog every day secure in the knowledge there will always be some insights awaiting me. :) I’ll have to try this Jott out.


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